David Blaine

Tyra Banks Trick


David Blaine impresses Tyra Banks with his sleight of hand magic. He pulls of some really amazing things, leaving the celebrity speechless.


So, how do you do something like that? It takes a little bit of luck, a lot of practice and some great misdirection skills.

First, Blaine has to force a card to Tyra. He wanted her to pick the two of spades and forced it with a technique called the classic force. This method of forcing a card is far from being foolproof, but works most of the time and looks really convincing.

So, now you understand how Blaine got Tyra to pick the two of spades. He had another two of spades prepared at the top of the deck and the ace of clubs right under it.

After Tyra puts her card back into the deck, Blaine seemingly attempts to get it to the top of the deck. While the other two of spades actually is at the top of the deck, he pretends he didn’t succeed and uses the double lift to make it look as if the top card is the ace of clubs. He then puts both cards back and tears the top card, which is the two of spades (and not the ace of clubs as Tyra is convinced). He asks her to hold the torn two of spades in her hand and makes sure she doesn’t notice the change.

He then uses the shape shifter sleight to change the other two of spades into the ace of clubs and asks her to look at the card in her hands (which is, at her big surprise, the two of spades). While she’s looking at the card, trying to figure out what just happened, he puts his two of spades at the bottom of the deck and secretly folds it. When he’s done, he takes the torn card from Tyra’s hands and shows it to the camera. When he gives her the card back, however, he doesn’t give her the torn card from his right hand, but the folded one from his left hand. He makes sure she squeezes it right away, making it impossible for her to notice the difference. This move requires a lot of misdirection and has to be done pretty quickly so Tyra doesn’t figure it out. After that, all Blaine has to do is reveal that the card is no longer torn and he has performed an amazing illusion!

Here is a detailed video explanation of the trick:

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