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Walking on water seems to be one of those tricks every great magician wants to take a stab at. Dynamo, being no different, shocked many casual bystanders when he, seemingly ignoring every known law of physics, walked right across Thames until he was picked up by a police boat in the middle of the river.

Here is the video:


So, how does one walk on water? We already explained how Criss Angel did it using plexiglass, and Dynamo's technique is probably very similar. Of course the circumstances are quite different in his case, since he is not walking across a private pool filled with stooges, but rather across a river running through the center of London. While some, or even most of spectators may still be stooges, we can be pretty sure at least some of them were genuine bypassers, surprised to see a guy standing in the middle of the river.

However, considering the alternatives, plexiglass (or something similar to plexiglass) still seems the obvious explanation. The plexiglass setup was probably much harder than in Angel’s case and was probably done at night or concealed as public works. This was a well-planned stunt and the team probably had to get a permission to go through with it (same is true for his bus levitation trick).

Just in case this wasn’t clear, the two kayak riders and the police boat were part of the trick. The kayak riders are there to enforce the idea that Dynamo is actually walking on water and there is nothing beneath him. If there was something for him to walk on right under the surface, surely the kayaks wouldn’t be able to pass it, right? Not really. Notice how the two kayaks are really close to each other, actually touching? That’s because there is probably a small gap or disturbance in the plexiglass construction right where they go over it. They don’t need much, it could just be a small area where the glass is significantly lower under the surface than normally. Dynamo can still walk on it, or maybe he can just step over it.

What about the police boat? It’s obvious those weren’t actual policemen freaking out when they got the reports of a man walking on water. They are just another part of the trick, ensuring a dramatic ending. After all, they couldn’t just fill the river with plexiglass from one side of the river to the other, could they? That’s why Dynamo has to be picked up after a few meters, and a police boat is the perfect way to do it.

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